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DIY personalized Christmas stockings sewing and embroidery project

Personalized Christmas stockings projects with sewing pattern and cute penguin, santa, reindeer, gingerman, bearmachine embroidery designs

How to make a Christmas stocking


This is a medium level project.

You need to test one first to understand how to place the fabric and cut it. For a beginner I strongly suggest using a fabric that is the same on front and back, so that if you place by mistake the wrong face, you don't spoil the fabric.


You will need:

Christmas stocking sewing pattern and embroidery designs

Step 1

Christmas stocking sewing pattern, scissors, chalk, measuring tool, rotary blade, safety pins

Start by printing the sewing patterns and joining them.

If you choose a design that has a Santa hat, print the hat sewing pattern as well.

Use the 2.36’ for the elf and penguin and 2.76’ for the bear

Step 2

Cutting the materials for Christmas stockings

Cutting fabric

Outside material – the sock

First cut a rectangle of 30 x 45 cm(12 x 20 in ) of fabric. This will be the
front, embroidered part. We need to cut it like this so we can easily secure
it in the hoop. For the back cut another rectangle of the same size. If you want to cut with the sewing pattern to save material, the fabric must be with the wrong side up.

If you don't plan to embroider the stocking, just go to the lining step and repeat for the outside fabric as well. Skip the embroidery step.

The lining

If the material is big enough to cut 2 pieces, place the material with  the side you want to be visible facing down.
Place the pattern over and mark the material with pins like in the photo so you know where to fold it.

Fold the material. Place the pattern over and secure it with pins. If you don t have a rotary blade,use scissors but secure the fabric better.

Start cutting.

The band / cuff

Place the band pattern over the fabric and secure it with pins. Cut the band.

The strap / hanger

Cut a 3’ x 7’ rectangle.

The Christmas hat

Depending on your preferences, if you like more volume, you can cut 2 pieces with seam allowance (red line) and join them or 1 piece without the seam allowance (blue dotted line). Cut the tassel piece as well.

Step 3


Place and secure the fabric in the hoop of 5’ x 7’. Place the hoop near the left bottom corner of the fabric.

Choosing stabilizers

For a thin cotton, very loose and stretchy material, I use a tear away sheet with a cut away underneath. I don't like using sprays to stabilize,though it is not  wrong.
I also pin the material, just to be sure it's secured.

For a thicker material, such as flecce, I only use water soluble stabilizer on top of the material. Again, it depends on the material thickness and density.
Place the material over the stabilizer facing with the front up so that it stitches on the front and attach the hoop to the machine.

Use the layer doc jpeg for the design you choose. This is to help you
with the appliques colors and order.

Embroider your designs and don’t forget to attach the hat if needed! The hat is applied once with the white part of the hat. Also add snowflakes once the embroidery is done. To do this first unhoop and place the pattern over to know where to place the snowflakes.


Place the band with the back side facing up.
Fold the first half. Now let a seam allowance and mark the center from the left edge to the right seam allowance.
Unfold it and place it in the hoop. Arrange the design in the embroidery  machine to be in the center mark.

Step 4


After the embroidery is done, place on the mat a piece of sock's material with the back side facing up. Over it place the piece with the embroidered design like in the image. Place the pattern over, secure it with pins and cut.

The strap
With the front facing up, fold it and sew it.
Use a safety pin and turn the strap inside out.

The tassel
At this stage you can sew the little tassel.

The sock, lining and band.

The red sock
Place a sock piece with the front side facing up. The second with the back side facing up, on top of the first.
The front sides should face each other. Sew them together, leaving the upper  part open.

The lining
The same is for the lining. Except you have to turn it inside out. Place your  hand inside and straighten it out.

 The band
Place the band with front side facing up and fold in half. Once you have folded you should see the back of the material. Sew on the left or right margin, depending how you fold. Also sew the bottom margin.


Joining the sock, lining and band
Place the sock inside the lining and align the margins.
Match the sock and band embroidery. Make sure both are on the same side. Place the upper part of socks in the band.
The band must have the text in mirror.
Add the strap between the lining and band with the strap inside.
Secure the circular margins with pins.
Check the placement of the band to be correct one
more time.


Join the fabric layers together.


 Turn the sock inside out and you're done!



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