In the hoop Christmas Stockings pattern - blank and personalized stockings


If you are owning an embroidery machine and you are looking for an easy way to make beautiful and personalized Christmas stockings keep reading.
This is an In the hoop project, meaning that the machine will do 95% of the stitching for you. You only need to put the layers of fabric correctly, as
described in the step by step tutorial that comes when purchasing the designs.
We also created a version that allows you to create blank stockings or to add your own designs.
The designs are created to be easy and fast as possible to make. Also, 4 sizes available.

   What you need?

 Step 1

Start by choosing the size of the sock pattern. For this tutorial I used a 5 x 7 hoop. Next choose a design that will fit your sock. The sizes table will be found in the step by step tutorial that comes with the pattern.

 Step 2

At this step you will learn how to merge two designs in My Editor software, a free embroidery editor program. This is needed only if you plan on adding your own design. You have 7 ready made designs that don't require an editing software. If you already have an embroidery software you only need to know how to  merge 2 designs.


Step 3

Cutting the fabrics

Cut the fabrics as in the size table in the tutorial in rectangular shapes that will fit the hoop.

Step 4


If you plan to personalize the band with a name or initial, first you need to embroider the band.

Next start to embroider the front of the sock design. 

After the design is done, it will create the contour line for the band.

Place the band over and let it secure the band.

Next comes the back of the sock and one side of the lining. You sew these two pieces at one end. You can sew by hand or with a machine. The fabric must be facing each other. After you sew them you need to be careful to put the fabrics so that the margin is 1-2 mm under the upper stitch of the band. Also the fabric needs to be secured in the hoop with tape. More explicit detail is found in the tutorial.

Next comes the hanger and the last lining piece.

This last piece and the hanger are placed over the top line.

Let the machine finish the embroidery. Unhoop and cut along the seam line.

Reverse the sock and sew the gap. Reverse it one more time and it is ready!

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