How to make a simple in the hoop Christmas ornament - free design included

If you just bought an embroidery machine and you are in search of simple and easy projects, then this is the right place to be.

Christmas is coming soon, we all think about giving cute gifts to our loved ones. And what can be more appropriate than making personalized Christmas ornaments for Christmas tree.

Ornaments for just married couples, grandchildren, parents, children, neighbours and friends. Maybe they just both a new home, adopted a pet, remember their lost loved ones. All these can personalize an Christmas ornament.

 To create an easy and simple ornament we will use in the hoop designs. In the hoop design is an embroidery pattern that allows you to create an entire project without changing the hoop.

First you need to prepare your materials:

- fabric 4 x 4 square

- stabilizer and a 4 x 4 hoop

- FREE embroidery design for the blank ornament

- 2' - 2.3' embroidery design to personalize the ornament

- satin tape to hang the ornament

- threads color you like the ornament to have.

- a pin to secure the satin tape

- optional a bow


After you have all the materials you need, upload the blank ornament and the design embroidery patterns to the machine. First add the ornament and on top add the design you want. If your machine allows you can adjust the design to fit the bauble inner circle.

If not, just embroider first the ornament and then the design but be careful to center the design to the inner circle of the finished ornament.

Depending on your fabric I suggest using an appropriate stabilizer.

For example I used a tear away thick stabilizer and fabric from an old curtain that I bought from a thrift shop. There a a ton of fabrics in great condition at these shops, not to mention that they are much cheaper! I wash the fabrics and use them for my projects.

Attach the hoop to the machine and start to embroider.

First it will create a guiding line to place the fabric over.

Before adding the fabric, place the satin tape and secure it with a pin or tape.

Be careful not to place the pin to close to the guiding line!


Add the fabric over and start the machine.


After this step just let the machine embroider until it ends the blank ornament and the design.

If you can't merge the designs into your machine, after the machine finishes the blank ornament, add the design you want and center it in the middle of the inner circle of the embroidered ornament.

Detach the hoop from the machine and cut the excessive fabric and stabilizer.

Beware not to cut the satin tape.

That's it! This is how you can create Christmas ornaments for friends and family the easy way.

If you are searching for designs to add to your ornaments here are some options:

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